surat buat Mr.Chef dan Pn.Gorgeous

i am sorry dad ,
i am sorry mom ,
i am really sorry ,
i know..
i made mistake..
sometimes i break my promise..
sometimes i do something that make you sad ..
and sometimes ..
i make both of your feel worry ,
i make both of you cry..
i make both you of feel uneasy..
i know why ...
i know why you act like that ,
i know why you feel worry..
and i know 
why you always protect me..

dad , i miss you..
i miss your cooking..
and i miss your smile..

mom , i also miss you..
i miss the way you are angry with me..
i miss the way you treat me.

dad and mom
i really miss you both...
i love you so much..
i love you forever..

                                                                       - eiraabdullah -

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