I AM.....

 I am a singer. I sing so that everyone can hear my voice. I sing so that the world will full of happiness.

I am a doctor. I treat people who are sick. I try to heal them.

I am a teacher. I taught people that want to learn something. I taught them the alphabet, i taught them how to wrote and i also taught them about life.

I am a athlete. I played  at the fields,stadiums, and etc. I make my country proud when i won  the game.

I am novelist. I wrote based on my imagination and sometimes reality. I want  to share the stories with  people.

I am a chef. I cooked delicious food. I created something that is interesting to eat. I make people happy when they ate.

I am a pilot. I travel around the world with aeroplane. I know about their culture,their languange,and their country.

I am a musician. I filled the world with many types of music,so the world will be colourful.

But the most important  is , i am who i am.

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