selamat hari lahir

thanks to you..


happy birthday to a special friend,
although i haven't known you many years,
perhaps because you've dried so many tears,
pleasure resign as these greeting send,
your happiness should last till all things end,
because you've been so sweet and understanding,
in hardest times you've made me laugh and smile,
rejoice in your own specialness awhile,
this i'm not requesting but demanding,
how else to make yourself celebration,
doing what does not come naturally,
always your concern has been for me,
yet know you must endure my adoration.
                                               -Nicholas Gordan-

15 nov...thanks for all the wishes that i got from all of you..
May Allah bless all of you =)

p/s : terima kasih pada sahabat lamaku..kerana anda, mereka tertanya-tanya siapa "puteri  _i_i_"..
sukarnya soalan.nasib baiklah this year saya tak kena mandi dengan tepung..hihi..i'm safe

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